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How To Protect Your Business From Pests

pest control services

Having a clean and secure business is not for the faint paint. It requires time input, work hard, and commitment. Among other factors that come up to a business's success, one critical one that most people ignore is for best reputation. The cleanliness of an office play an important role when it comes to a good reputation of business. Business premises can be taken over by pests. Hence It is necessary to keep pests away from your business.

Pests pose countless risks in business. Flying and crawling insects, rodents, and birds are capable causing of pathogens, diseases, and damage to the business building. For any business that accepts customers through doors, the last thing you would want to uncover is your customers to pests.

How Pests Affects businesses

Nobody would want to deal with a pest infection, especially when an infestation happens to your business. Remember, pests can multiply within a short period. So prompt removal is a must. You have the option to eliminate them by controlled poising or get pest control services. The later control method is necessary  for a business whose public image damage can be far most costly than solving the problem and its contain long-term effects

  • Damage property
  • Highly extermination cost 
  • Damaged business reputation
  • Revenue lost
  • Loss of clients 
  • Lost business productivity
  • Decrease staff morale

Pests Protection Tips for Businesses

There are various ways to protect your business from pets. Doorsec-Qatar, pest control service provider, will help you get rid of these invaders who seek shelter in your business property. It would be best if you prepared for the pests that start to invade the property. Follow these steps to keep them away.

1. Deal with the issues that are drawing pests inside

Various issues might be sketch pests into your business. Leaking water can cause rodents and roaches. Overflowing dustbins and food scraps that are not properly kept and bring in ants, and cockroaches. You can easily address these issues to reject future pests in infestation.

2. Clean up outside the property

Some pests are drawn to the messy surrounding. To prevent pests, it is necessary to ensure that outside your business property is cleaned up. Piles of leaves, grass clippings, and other waste production should be kept away from your property. Especially near doors and windows, pests can easily access.

3. Eliminate breeding grounds

Depending on the season, certain areas around a business as breeding grounds for certain types of pests. For example, wet areas attract mosquitoes, which can be a strong restraint for any potentially interested customers.

4. Take care of your Landscaping

Trim all the tree branches and other vegetation so that nothing touches the side of the property. Install a gravel barrier between the side of the building and use any landscaping at least one meter away to stop pests from crawling indoors. Also, take precautions when flowering beds around your facility. An applied over much attracts pests.

Need Pest Control Services In Qatar?

Your business is your livelihood and also it reflects your personality. Pests infesting your business in extremely harmful. There is no other way than to protect your reputation with professional pest control services. Doorsec-Qatar ensures your business is kept alive and healthy. Contact us for real and affordable solutions in Qatar

Doorsec Facilities Management Services

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Doorsec is one of the largest security providers, established 1997 in London UK. After tremendous success and growth, we have expanded and opened our ME headquarters centrally in Dubai. UAE and now in Doha, Qatar. Doorsec delivers the industry’s highest quality security and facilities management services based on one key element: investment in people.

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Five Star Qatar Facility Management Company Services

End to End Cleaning:  Cleaning the premises is a necessity. We understand the importance of employee health. Our facilities management services all types of cleaning at a competitive price.  The service list includes the following.



A well clean & well-maintained workspace encourages happy working. Doorsec focus on your requirements. It results in increased productivity.



One comprehensive expertise in HVAC solves immediate and problems and helps you meet more complex operational needs sustainability issues, compliance requirements and many more.


Pest Control

We provide you the best pest control solutions. Cost-effective and reliable pest control services.


Exterior/Interior Cleaning

Whether you are looking for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly cleaning, look no further than Doorsec. Doorsec facilities service pushes for the best cleaning experience possible for your properties.


Disinfection and Sterilization

Reduces or eliminates unacceptable concentrations of microorganisms. Doorsec is to maintain sufficiently clean and dry beddings, adequate air quality, and clean surface.



If you are looking for a high quality professional housekeeping company you’re come to the right place. At Doorsec we give you the attention and professional service you’re come to expect and enjoy.

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